FRL Productions agency selects PlanetObserver satellite images for its happy new year greetings video!

FRL Productions agency specialized in video and multimedia production has used PlanetObserver satellite images for different projects, such as the institutional film “Rail Charts a New World” produced for the Worlwide Railway Organization (UIC).

For its 2016 happy new year greetings, FRL Productions has created the video “30 seconds above the clouds” featuring striking satellite images of Planet Earth supplied by PlanetObserver.

Take 30 seconds of your time for a world tour in satellite images and just let the music take you above the clouds…

PlanetObserver prepares satellite images and aerial photography as ready-to-use files for any video production. We supply files of any format, should it be HD, 4K or larger files, perfect to zoom into the image or create fly-through animations.

You’re looking for satellite images or aerial photography of the Earth? Please contact us at +33 4 73 44 19 00 or send us a message via our contact page.

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