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UNESCO exhibition, Paris

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Exhibition "Planet Earth’s future: Can we afford to gamble?"

Thematic exhibitions

As a leading specialist in satellite and aerial imagery, PlanetObserver has access to an infinite collection of Earth views. Those high quality images constitute a unique source to illustrate thematic exhibitions focusing on many different issues.

Use our services to create your own customized exhibition on the topic of your choice, or take advantage of our turnkey exhibition about sustainable development.

Large diversity of satellite and aerial imagery

PlanetObserver opens up its image bank, rich of thousands of pictures of our planet view from above. This unique content is perfect to create your own customized exhibition on the theme of your choice.

Illustration of numerous thematic issues

PlanetObserver MEDIA satellite and aerial imagery are perfect to illustrate many thematic issues:

  • Regions, local councils and cities of France;
  • Environmental changes (before/after views);
  • Geographic views of any place on Earth;
  • Thematic views of the planet related to environmental issues: climate, water, energy, urban growth, etc.

Many institutions, companies, local councils and museums trust us already!

Cité des Télécoms
France Miniature leisure park

Our services:

  • Delivery of high resolution print-ready files.
  • Supply of high quality prints in different finishes: photo paper,  laminated boards, PVC banners, floor maps, etc.
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“The Earth from space: Observations for the future”

Turnkey exhibition on sustainable development

The exhibition “The Earth from space: Observations for the future” tackles today’s and tomorrow’s environmental issues from a global perspective.

Based on striking satellite imagery of key places around the world with matching scientific commentary, the exhibition takes you to a world tour that highlights the Earth’s great diversity and the frailty of our environment.

5 issues : Climate, Earth, Energy, Man, Water.

A communication cool adapted to a large audience: local authorities, institutions, companies, museums, etc.