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Floor printed with the aerial view of Montelimar

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Printed floor map for Pas-de-Calais local council

Printed floor maps

PlanetObserver makes on-demand floor maps printed with satellite and aerial views of any place in the world. Floor maps are unique eye-catching communication products perfect to illustrate and promote territories and issues.

  • Tailor-made floors produced on-demand, at the required size.
  • Maps printed on the best adapted material (vinyl or PVC floor tiles), depending on your technical constraints and budget and the intended product length.
  • Printing of the satellite or aerial view of your choice, to be selected from our database, or any picture you provide us.
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Select the satellite image of your choice in our global database

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Satellite images with striking colours


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High resolution aerial photography


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Mask and borderlines on demand

Rhone-Alpes - Auvergne Region

Vinyl printed floor maps

Vinyl floor maps, Dijon Museum (France)
  • The quality solution for a limited budget.
  • Best adapted for temporary exhibitions, trade shows and special events.
  • Floor covering with 2-meter width, easy to fit in any location, perfect for multipurpose usage.

Benefits of vinyl floor maps

  • Quick installation with double-sided tape
  • Easy to clean and resistant
  • Good aging resistance thanks to a specific surface treatment in the wearlayer
Extra large floor map!

For a special event sponsored by Total Corporation, we have produced a 1500 sq meter satellite floor map printed with a satellite image provided by PlanetObserver.

Don’t hesitate to present us your project, we’re ready to take on the next challenge!

  • La Défense, Paris - exhibition - Floor maps printed with satellite and aerial views
  • La Défense, Paris - exhibition - Floor maps printed with satellite and aerial views
  • La Défense, Paris - exhibition - Floor maps printed with satellite and aerial views

PVC printed floor maps

  • The durable technical solution.
  • Best adapted for permanent exhibitions, showrooms, entrance halls, public spaces or touring events.
  • Floor tiles fitted with interlocking edges, easy to lay, remove and re-lay in new locations.

Benefits of PVC floor maps

  • Interlocking tiles, easy to lay and remove
  • Loose laying, no gluing required
  • Easy to clean and resistant
  • Eco-friendly product (100% recyclable)
PVC tiles
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Telecom Museum

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Region Languedoc Roussillon

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European Commission

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