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On-demand aerial photography for the Credit Agricole Bank

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Video production with Hong Kong satellite images

On-demand images

If you’re looking for satellite or aerial imagery of a specific area or for images to illustrate a particular issue (sustainable development, environment, etc.), we supply high resolution 2D and 3D images on-demand, in digital or print format.

High resolution images for professionals

You need a high resolution satellite or aerial image prepared on-demand in a specific size and file format?

It just takes a few easy steps:

  • 1st Contact

    You share with us your project details

  • Proposal

    Presentation of low resolution images to validate

  • Production

    Preparation of the high resolution file in the required size and format

  • Delivery

    File delivery through a secure server within very short delivery times

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Choose any area within PlanetObserver global imagery database

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We crop the area of your choice: Example of Paris

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We prepare the ready-to-use HD file

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Example of a display board at a trade show

PlanetObserver image database covers the entire planet. The Earth satellite image could be printed at a size corresponding to 32 football stadiums! Beyond such titanic projects, we prepare every day HD files of any format, for billboards, leaflets or video production.

Here is the example of a 10m x 6m panel printed with the Earth satellite image and displayed at Vulcania leisure park. This panel could as well be printed with the satellite image of the Sahara desert or the aerial photography of the city of Lyon or any satellite or aerial image selected from our database.

  • Flat Eath - High resolution satellite and aerial images on-demand
  • Sahara - High resolution satellite and aerial images on-demand
  • Lyon - High resolution satellite and aerial images on-demand

10m x 6m panel – Vulcania leisure park

Best adapted offer for the communication and media industry

Professionals of the communication and media industry use our services to get high resolution satellite and aerial images prepared on-demand. You’ll find here examples of projects with our satellite and aerial images.

Audiovisual production

Audiovisual production

With their 100% natural colours matching Earth reality, PlanetObserver satellite and aerial images are particularly adapted to video production highlighting the planet in all its diversity, should it be for communication projects, TV production, magazines or documentary.

We work with professionals of the audiovisual sector and provide images and 3D files of your areas of interest, pre-processed to fit easily into 3D animation software programs, such as 3ds max.

This is the perfect solution to make data handling easier and optimize production.

Key benefits

  • Ready-to-use files.
  • Supply of satellite and aerial images covering largely your area of interest, to facilitate video production.
  • Files may be kept by the production company, for any future needs, with licensing fees payable on a project by project basis.

Video sample produced by 3D Emotion studio

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Communication agencies and corporate departments use our services to get high resolution satellite and aerial images as ready-to-use files. Our images are perfect for any kind of media plan, whether for large format displays (billboards, bus shelter posters, etc.), brochures and flyers, TV commercials or websites.

Key benefits

  • Delivery of ready-to-use high resolution files
  • Very competitive delivery times
  • Pricing adapted to image usage
PlanetObserver aerial images used by BETC communication agency for the Credit Agricole Bank media plan

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Publishing /Press


We work on a regular basis with the publishing sector and the press.  We provide high resolution satellite images and aerial photography for textbooks, coffee table books, atlas or guide books, magazines and newspapers.

Example of partnership with the press

Ouest France local newspaper has published series of aerial views of the Gulf of Morbihan taken at 40-year intervals (1970/2010). The archive pictures, originally in black and white, have been coloured by PlanetObserver. Readers of Ouest France have discovered how much their environment has changed in four decades only.

Publishing of PlanetObserver aerial photography

They trust us

Project examples

Special edition of « Science & Vie » magazine with PlanetObserver satellite images
Satellite image of France at night for cover of geography text book
Focus on PlanetObserver satellite images in The World Atlas published by DeAgostini

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any project.
Our range of satellite and aerial images is limitless:
it covers the whole Earth!