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Comprehensive portfolio of visual communication solutions

With 25 years of experience as satellite imagery supplier, PlanetObserver presents PlanetObserver MEDIA solutions. This is an innovative range of eye-catching images and communication products dedicated to the media industry and developed from a global database of satellite and aerial images.

Tailor-made images and solutions for the communication and media industry

We create on-demand printed floor maps and thematic exhibitions illustrated with satellite and aerial images from our global database. For all print projects and audiovisual production, we supply ready-to-use high resolution satellite and aerial images. All our products and images are prepared on-demand to match your exact needs. Don’t hesitate to use our services!

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Printed floor maps

A unique eye-catching communication solution for exhibitions, showrooms and public spaces, available from small sizes to XXL.

On-demand images

Take advantage of our satellite and aerial images featuring any place in the world, available in digital format (for print or video) or as prints.

Thematic exhibitions

Use our unique high quality satellite and aerial images to illustrate a large number of issues for any thematic exhibition.

Unique communication solutions for professionals

PlanetObserver communication products and satellite and aerial images are perfect for professionals of the media industry operating in many fields:

  • Communication departments of large corporations, institutions and local authorities
  • Communication agencies (corporate and institutional, internal and external)
  • Museums and science parks
  • Television and audiovisual production companies
  • Web agencies
  • Media and publishing
  • Education
  • And many others (architecture firms, graphic design companies, etc.)