Satellite images of glaciers, deserts and hurricanes illustrate the fragility of Planet Earth

The book “Planet Earth for future generations” by Gerard Fayet highlights the environmental challenges for future generations. The author has gathered distinguished guests, such as Nicolas Hulot, Bertrand Piccard and Maud Fontenoy, each sharing their analysis of an environmental issue.

PlanetObserver satellite images illustre the issue “Monitor Planet Earth’s evolution”. In that section, Jean-Yves Le Gall, President of the French Space Agency (CNES), outlines issues and reflexions on Earth observation and how space policy contributes to a better understanding of our environment.

Ouragan Katrina image satellite PlanetObserver
Hurricane Katrina (24/08/2005)

PlanetObserver is pleased to contribute to the book “Planet Earth for future generations”. Our satellite images are particularly appropriate to illustrate environmental issues, from global warming, energy, deforestation to urban growth.

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