Before/after aerial photography of about fifty towns featured in Ouest France newspaper.

Since early May, readers of Ouest France newspaper of the French regions Brittany, Lower-Normandy and Pays de la Loire discover aerial photography showing before/after views of different local towns and cities.

A series of two pictures is shown for each town:

  • historic black and white aerial photography from the early 50s,
  •  current aerial photography in colour from the 2010s.

Across the regions, all towns and cities have changed greatly in 60 years. Comparing before/after aerial photography is just perfect to recognize changes in the territories.

PlanetObserver has supplied all aerial views to the newspaper, i.e. a hundred of high resolution files of current and historic aerial photography.

All current aerial photographs come from PlanetAIR France range developed by PlanetObserver. As part of a partnership with IGN (French National Geographic Institute), PlanetObserver has the full BD ORTHO® aerial photography, the orthomosaic of France. We have reprocessed all IGN aerial photography, especially all coast areas, to erase all remaining seams and offer entirely homogeneous pictures.

Aerial photography of Saint-Malo - PlanetAIR France range
Aerial photography of Saint-Malo - PlanetAIR France range

We can also provide any black and white archive photography of French towns that we can put in colour upon request. We had indeed coloured several dozens of historic photos for a previous feature published by Ouest France newspaper.

Should it be for press, print or communication projects, don’t hesitate to contact us for all your needs of current and historic aerial photography. We’ll be happy to prepare bespoke images totally adjusted to meet your needs.

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